Clave Team

“Karina looked at me and I felt connected to her.  She was able and willing to read inside of me like in an open book. She even discovered pages which have been glued together in my childhood. I didn't remember.”

Karina Inzunza, M.A., M. Psych
Co-Founder, Senior Therapist

M.Psych, Graduate Certificate in Adlerian Trauma Psychotherapy, PACT Institute (Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy) Certificate Level 2, CCAC (Canadian Certified Addictions Counsellor).

Karina’s practice is informed by over 30 years’ experience as counsellor, therapist, educator and coach with a wide range of clients, including those who identify as LGBTQ2S+. This is complemented by her foundation studies, advanced graduate work and ongoing specialized professional development programmes in psychology, couples therapy, attachment and addictions. Karina has also done many years of her own transformative, in-depth personal psychotherapy.

She loves the water and previously was a Co-Founder and Clinical Director of VistaBLUERecovery Retreat in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, temporarily closed due to Covid-19 travel restrictions. Together let’s unlock the keys to your health and well being.

Maria Pla, M.A. Clinical Psychologist

During my internship in psychology, I participated as a co-therapist in an addictions center. I liked the idea of inspiring people to find a new path in life and live a healthy lifestyle, which led me to do my Master’s degree in addictions therapy and eating disorders at the Universidad de Barcelona in Spain.

One thing that always caught my attention was the way therapists treated their clients. Often it was like punishing them for their addiction. I felt the need to do things differently—to treat my clients with respect, dignity and compassion to guide them in the most positive way I could. And that’s one of the core values Karina and I shared as Co-Founders of VistaBLUERecovery Retreat in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, currently on hold due to Covid-19 travel restrictions.

I’m fluent in Spanish and English, having grown up in the Dominican Republic where I’m based. I’m also a successful businesswoman in other areas besides psychology, including residential real estate development. I look forward to getting to know you!

Graham Barker, M.Ed. Co-Founder, Business Director

Lay Counsellor & Healing Drum Circle Facilitator

Graham is an experienced Canadian sales and marketing executive, start-up consultant and drummer. Lifelong learner. He’s transitioned from social worker, writer and musician to educator, researcher and educational technology manager. Spent many years in several kinds of therapy. Water sports enthusiast and sailor. Fluent in English, Spanish, French with some Brazilian Portuguese. For the past 25+ years Graham has worked as an international software sales executive and marketing evangelist. A student of clave and the drums!  And at Clave Therapy Retreats he facilitates the fun in our drum circles.

Gary Garth, Strategy & Marketing Consultant

Gary is Founder & CEO of Great Dane Ventures Inc. based in Medellín, Colombia. Gary recently exited the last company he co-founded, an award winning 8-figure digital marketing agency, and now leverages his experiences & resources as an angel investor that helps startups with 100X potential go to market, scale and become profitable via 360 degrees marketing & sales support, incubator programs and hands-on advisory services. Fluent in Danish, English and Spanish. We’re very fortunate to have Gary with us leading our marketing and sales strategy. 

Elizabeth Navas, Web Designer

Elizabeth is Web Project Manager at Great Dane Ventures. Previously as Co-Founder at Bolt Digital Strategies, she worked with business owners and marketing directors to develop their online digital strategies. Elizabeth is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect and is Google Ads Certified. Fluent in Spanish and English. And she loves dogs!

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