“In AA meetings very young therapists with very little clinical or life experience would simply push photocopied sheets at you and then discuss the content.  Nothing worked.”

Who We Help

Consider Clave Therapy Retreat if you are seeking …

A non 12-Step Approach to Addictions Recovery

We welcome the privilege to guide you on your journey to recovery from alcohol, cocaine or prescription drug addictions. Our healing approach is based on science and compassion, not religion or mandatory belief in a higher power like 12-Step programs are. We empower our clients through a personalized process to discover inner resources on the path to new beginnings.

Unfortunately, if you use opiates, we are not medically staffed or certified to assist you legally.

Please note we do not have a detox service, nor direct medical supervision. Once you’ve completed your detox in a certified facility under medical supervision, our Retreat may be an ideal setting for you to focus with our highly personalized recovery program.

Or An Individual Or Couples Therapy Retreat

We’ll warmly welcome you or your couple to our setting where you’ll have an exclusive therapist focused with you only during your stay.