“After (and during) my very first session, I began feeling free from the layers of guilt, resentment, shame and grief I’ve been carrying for longer than I can remember."

“Karina was always fully present and engaged in my stories, helping me to quickly identify many key issues.”


Free 30-Minute


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Not sure if you want to make a longer-term commitment? You may find that only one or a few  sessions may be all you need. Talk it over with us.

Individual In-Depth


You’ll have the opportunity to explore in-depth, in a highly personalized approach using the most effective therapy styles for you, how your upbringing shapes your selection of profession, relationships, safety and way of being in the world. Together we can focus on the areas most helpful to  you. Many of our clients begin with sessions 1-2 times a week for several months and then continue with bi-weekly “tune-ups”.

Flexible Hours

7 Days a Week

We’re highly flexible to accommodate your needs, whether it be early mornings, daytime or evenings, as well as weekends. Let’s talk.