“The depression started to lift when the anxiety subsided.  With this urge to drink subsided, Karina reminded me I was not cured.  I had to continue to seek trauma therapy on discharge and do the work myself as my brain was also wired with an addiction to alcohol.”

“You start to feel joy again.  You start to enjoy your job.  You enjoy the company of others.  Your relationship with your family will improve.”

Reasonable Fees

Our Retreat Fees are designed to be very reasonable, given the quality of amenities, level of attentive service and comprehensive, creative and effective personalized therapy you will experience in our boutique retreat. Especially when compared to other facilities in North America and Europe at monthly prices ranging from USD $30,000 - $100,000 plus.

In-Person Addictions Recovery

What Services Will I Receive?

  • Transfers to and from Toronto Pearson International Airport. We’ll meet you at the airport and personally accompany you to our Retreat 
  • An individual private Loft Guest House and Bunky with modern kitchen, bathroom, living/dining room. Shaded deck and rooftop hang-out
  • Room cleaning service
  • On-site laundry for your use
  • All meals, with snacks and non-alcoholic beverages available anytime
  • High-speed (to 18 Mbps) Wi-Fi 24×7 throughout the complex for your smartphone, laptop or computer.
  • Good coverage for most mobile phone services
  • Intensive counselling program. Each week this consists of:
    • 5 individual therapy sessions
    • 5 special sessions (Psychoeducation, videos, Positive Psychology workshops & Art Therapy)
    • 5 Body Scan session
    • 5 Mindfulness sessions
    • 5 Lake Therapy sessions
    • 5 Beach at Sunrise Swim/Jog /Walk/Tai Chi/Meditate/Journaling Sessions
    • 2 Sauna baths (no charge)
    • 1 weekly massage (others paid by Guest at USD $80 or CAD $100/hr)
    • All on site activities listed above
    • Excursions chosen from those listed above
    • 6 1-hour Aftercare Program online sessions

Please note that any Medical services you might require will be at your own expense if you are from outside the province of Ontario.

How Long Should I Come For?

  • Fundamental change takes time, so we strongly recommend a minimum stay of 1 month
  • With 2 months you are ensuring a much higher level of long-term results
  • While we can accommodate a 1 or 2-week stay if you need to take action right now, but can’t get away for a month or two, we recommend it be followed up with at least a 1-month visit.

What Are Your Fees?

Note: 13% HST is payable by Canadian clients.
We accept payment by e-transfer or Stripe.

In-Person Individual
or Couples Retreat

We provide all the services offered for Addictions guests listed above. However the therapy program differs from the Addictions program and varies between individuals and couples. We offer an intensive number of therapy sessions as well as all the activities and excursions listed. 

Call now to discuss your specific needs and we’ll customize a programme just for you.  

Note: 13% HST is payable by Canadian clients.
We accept payment by e-transfer or Stripe.

Tax Receipt

A tax receipt is available on request, prior to your return home.

Travel Health Insurance

If travelling from out of Ontario, we require all our guests to purchase a travel health plan such as Blue Cross as you would when travelling any time out of province or country.

Check out our Clave Therapy hoodie you’ll  receive on arrival!