“I always looked forward to my sessions with Karina as they were liberating, freeing and insightful, and I left each one feeling lighter, and enlightened.”

“I highly recommend this program and Karina.  To keep doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result is insanity. Karina and center saved my life, and on top of that I have made a lifelong friend.”

The Clave Therapy Way

The expression of Karina’s 30+ years’ experience in the field, The Clave Therapy Way™ offers an inspiring, rich framework to practice what she has learned. The goal? To help you recover your balance and make the next steps in your journey and/or to a healthy addictions-free life. We’re committed to that goal.

The 10 Keys

Clave Therapy has 10 keys, drawn from many clinical approaches that have proven highly successful, when combined in our holistic manner.

“I’m beyond lucky to have been able to have had the pleasure of working with Karina.”

“The true depth of my gratitude is so deep words cannot come close to how I feel.”

1. Personalized

We honor your uniqueness and tailor our therapeutic work specifically to your needs

2. Client-Centred

You’ll have an active role in your own process, shaping the course of your treatment. We take a non-directive, non-judgmental, supportive approach

3. Evidence-based

We use practical applications of the best available current clinical research, backed by scientific evidence and proven to be safe and effective treatments, including work in neuroplasticity

4. Multi-Systemic

In intensive sessions during your time with us, we use best practices from individual, group, couples and family therapy approaches. And yes, there’s hard work involved, as in any worthwhile and life-changing journey

5. Trauma-Informed

Many people have experienced traumatic events that may translate to their addictions. We help you deal with any traumas you may be coping with.

6. Non 12-Step For Addictions Recovery

If you’re struggling with addictions, we employ a non 12-Step therapeutic approach to addictions. Our healing approach is based on science and compassion, not religion or mandatory belief in a higher power like most 12-Step programs.

7. Healing

In your recovery journey we help you become healthy again, by using new tools to understand the connections between your past and present and then shape new directions for your future

8. Transformation

With new perceptions and new patterns of behavior, you’ll be ready to create new meaning and new goals for an addictions-free life

9. New Beginnings

You’ll acquire a large inventory of tools to learn new patterns for healthy and/or addictions-free living. And you’ll have lots of time to practice them during our activities or excursions. In our Addictions Relapse Prevention sessions you’ll work with exercises to identify your triggers and uncover your preferred coping strategies to use on your return home.

10. Adventurous and Fun!

If you choose to come for a retreat in the summer, enjoy the clear blue waters of the beautiful Bruce Peninsula, part of the Niagara Escarpment World Biosphere Reserve. Swim, kayak, snorkel, suntan, sail a catamaran!. Hike the world famous Bruce Trail with spectacular views. Visit local towns. Shop. Golf.  Stargaze. In winter you can hike, snowshoe, cross-country ski and create snow sculptures! Or just curl up by the fire bird watching while you take in the breathtaking view of the escarpment Bluffs across the bay!

Plus, We’re Bilingual: English and Spanish

Karina and Maria are completely bilingual in English and Spanish…and Karina also speaks Brazilian Portuguese. As does Graham, in addition to French