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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer online sessions? Do you offer In-person sessions?

  • Yes. We offer online individual and couples therapy.
  • We also offer our intensive personalized, boutique In-Person Retreat for individuals or couples as well as those recovering from addictions, located 3 hours north of Toronto, ON.

What if I don’t know whether I really need therapy?

If you aren’t sure, try our free 30-minute consultation. where we’ll explore your needs and goals. Then you can decide

What can I expect in a therapy session?

  • Therapy is a partnership. During sessions you’re invited to talk about the primary concerns and issues in your life 
  • A session lasts 50 minutes, but some people request longer 
  • Usually weekly sessions are best. Some people who are in crisis or extreme distress need more than one session per week, at least until the crisis passes 
  • Between sessions you may be invited to write in your journal, watch some videos or explore some readings 

What are some of the benefits of therapy?

  • Often it’s helpful just to know that someone understands 
  • Journeying with us is a way to explore deeper issues that you may not have uncovered and processed
  • Together, you can understand yourself better 
  • You’ll become more conscious of how your history, perceptions, feelings, attitudes, behavior patterns or trauma influence how you relate to others and move through the world. Therapy can help you:
    • Identify and strengthen your positive qualities
    • Provide support during a transition
    • Assist you to understand and break negative patterns
    • Help you gain perspective on a situation
    • Solve a problem
    • Heal from emotional wounds or upsetting experiences

Is therapy confidential?

  • The law protects the confidentiality of all communications between a client and a therapist
  • We will not disclose your Information without your written permission

What are your fees?

  • For individual and couples online sessions, see Fees  
  • Payment in full is due at the end of each session and can be made by e-transfer
  • See In-Person Retreat Fees, for the opportunity to come journey with us at the Retreat 
  • A 50% deposit is usually required 30 days in advance
  • The balance is due on arrival at the Retreat
  • We will provide you with a receipt  

Do you accept insurance?

  • We currently don’t accept insurance
  • Doing so would require that we give you a mental health diagnosis  
  • We are committed to providing you with high quality care. We don’t find it beneficial to label you with a diagnosis that becomes part of your health record, with the possibility others may have access to it

How often and how many sessions will I need?

  • Depending on your schedule, typically we’ll meet every week or bi-weekly 
  • The number of therapy sessions depends on your individual needs and circumstances
  • Many of our clients report significant improvements or benefits after 5-6 sessions. Others continue for anywhere from a few months to a year 
  • You’re not obligated to attend a certain number of sessions 
  • You’re  free to discontinue therapy at any time

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Land Acknowledgment

Clave Therapy acknowledges the Traditional Territory of the Anishinabek Nation: The People of the Three Fires known as Ojibway, Odawa, and Pottawatomie Nations. And further give thanks to the Chippewas of Saugeen, and the Chippewas of Nawash, now known as the Saugeen Ojibway Nation, as the traditional keepers of this land.