“You are the catalyst in helping to empower us to see the amazing bond we have, that our relationship is so worth the effort and the light at the end of the very dark tunnel we have been trapped in for far too many years.“

“I always looked forward to my sessions with Karina as they were liberating, freeing and insightful, and I left each one feeling lighter, and enlightened.”


We offer help for those ready to explore together as a couple, concerns about their relationship, including those who identify as LGBTQ2S+ or non-binary.

In fact, personalized couples’ therapy can really help those who are about to deepen their partnership commitment (whether it be marriage, an expression of vows or other ritual)—with a short, intensive “check-up” approach—before more serious and entrenched patterns develop. And doing that relationship work in our intimate, In-Person Retreat, can be a life-changing holiday!

Common problem areas that motivate couples to try therapy together include:

Emotional distance

Frequent conflict

Sexual difficulties

Family differences

Chronic health issues

Separation or divorce







Our clients are often surprised how effective couples’ sessions can be at improving their overall relationship satisfaction and open a deepened ability to balance the often-conflicting needs for intimacy and autonomy that affect their individual mental health.

We provide a multi-systemic, solutions-focused and change-oriented approach to helping you explore and uncover the patterns in your relationship itself, rather than each individual separately.

We use a psychobiological therapeutic approach to help you both develop:

Increased Awareness

Emotional Expression

Listening Skills

Problem-Solving Skills




The Clave Therapy Way for couples is based on three evidence-based clinical areas: Neuroscience, Attachment Theory and Arousal Regulation. Our approach also includes very effective techniques derived from Emotionally Focused Therapy. 

We encourage you to take the first step to learn more. Our therapists are knowledgeable, highly experienced and compassionate. Plus, we often have fun together.

And you can do this work with us either online or together at our In-Person Retreat for an exclusive experience with just the two of you.