“It is very important to find a true specialist in trauma with vast training and experience like Karina who are very few in number.”

“To be for 99% sure I will not relapse is a big accomplishment. To have self-esteem, I never had before, to feel alive again, was out of my imagination. But with Karina's sessions I came so far.”

our guests

Seek Help For Their Addictions

Our Clave Therapy Retreat guests coping with addictions issues are women, men, LGBTQS+ and non-binary folks (singles or couples) over the age of 18, who are actively seeking a personalized non 12-Step residential retreat for therapeutic help.

Frustrated With Other Approaches

Some guests have tried other approaches, especially 12-Step, and are seeking alternatives, either because they failed, or they didn’t like the need to believe in a Higher Power. Some have relapsed and are trying out our approach to get and stay sober.

Sophisticated but Approachable

Open to doing group work as well as personalized individual therapy. A sense of humour. Many have travelled widely.

International Clientele

A diverse community in which we learn from one another. English and Spanish-speaking therapists.

Mobile smartphone savvy

They expect “always-on” high bandwidth. We have up to 18 Mbps internet, suitable for work or play. Some conduct their business while at the Retreat. We encourage you to bring your phone and/or laptop.