We Can Help

If you’re suffering from separation or divorce recovery, anxiety, depression, loneliness, grief or loss of meaning, we can help you with our compassionate approach.

We also help adults suffering from most forms of addiction such as alcohol, non-opiate drugs, gambling and sex.  

We help those struggling with eating disorders.

We have extensive training and experience in trauma-informed therapy and have successfully helped those who may have experienced sexual abuse or assault and veterans suffering from post-traumatic disorder.

Our therapeutic work is informed by an Adlerian framework centred on the human problem of meaning making. Adler gives us hope—we can create greater personal autonomy by re-writing our own stories

In Our Work Together, We’ll Focus On
Five Primary Dimensions Of Well-Being

Our client-centred approach is evidence-based with the latest research and knowledge, including insights and practices drawing from work in neuroplasticity—the pathway to change. 

We begin our work together with an extensive assessment. Based on this, we integrate multi-systemic treatment methods, selected and adapted for your individual needs. This is a dynamic process which may change during our work.

We empower our clients through a personalized journey to discover inner resources and unlock the key (clave) on their path to new beginnings.  Your trust in us is an honour. In return, your privacy is ensured.

“I felt instantly comfortable in Karina’s presence. She established clear boundaries and explained her role as my therapist, while being personable, warm and welcoming.” 

“I had given up for 99%. …. I felt with all other psychologists and psychiatrists before, they do not really understand me or seem to be superficial.”

“My experience with Karina was very good and different, since I had tried several psychologists and never got results."